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Republicans 'paint' ridiculously expensive Pentagon program as ridiculously expensive: Reuters

All in the name of Environmentalism

The USNS Henry J. Kaiser was recently filled with 900,000 gallons of biofuel as part of an experimental program imposed on the US Navy. It cost $26-a-gallon according to Reuters, compared to the typical $3.60 for fuel.

Let's do some quick math. That's $23.4 million for the 'green' fuel, compared to $3.2 million they would normally pay. Still, that's better than the $424-a-gallon that the Navy was paying at first for green fuel.

Here's the whopper quote from Reuters:

"Some Republican lawmakers... paint the program as a waste of precious funds at a time when the U.S. government's budget remains severely strained, the Pentagon is facing cuts and energy companies are finding big quantities of oil and gas in the United States."

Paint the program? That's what it is, an expensive use of funds. There is no painting about it!

Reuters spends about 5 pages making excuses for the enormous cost. It is "vital for the military's energy security," so that foreign powers can't squeeze our energy supply. But Reuters never actually addresses the third and main part of Republicans' concern: America has enormous energy supplies, cheaper supplies.

From shale, oil pockets, and natural gas to nuclear, there are many cheaper sources the Navy could use. That is the main argument against this Obama boondogle. But Reuters never addresses the issue.

Instead they cheer the Obama administration for being "undeterred" and suggests they are at the "forefront of energy innovation."

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