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Washington Post finally admits Romney didn't outsource jobs... Attacks Romney anyway

In a repeated coordinated effort with the Obama White House, the Washington Post printed despicable lies that Mitt Romney moved jobs overseas. Romney requested a retraction from the paper, which they refused.

How dare Mitt Romney ask them to be honest??

"The Romney campaign, for its part, is attacking the article on the basis of how the Obama campaign interpreted it, not what it actually says.... The Romney campaign, meanwhile, has sidestepped the article’s implications — also by acting as if the article says what the Obama campaign claims." -(

Just move the goalposts and now say that you never actually claimed Romney was involved in the outsourcing. That will work. Are they admitting that their story was false? No, just that they have no evidence that Romney moved jobs overseas. Their story might still be true I guess, somehow...

The actual article, in fact, does not say that transfers of U.S. jobs took place while Romney ran the private equity firm of Bain Capital.

So the article's title 'Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas' was... what?

The reporter starts this incredulous explanation by saying their fact checker has no business fact checking their own newspaper, only others. Haha. No explanation that the two companies that the article reported had been acquired by Bain involved in the outsourcing happened well after Romney left Bain. Furthermore, the companies in question didn't actually outsource anything new once Bain had acquired them. Proof is overflowing that Romney actually increased American jobs.

In any case it is nice to see WaPo throw Barack Obama under the bus and blame him. Obama himself refuses to take responsibility for his words so this is just desserts.

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