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World Net Daily publishes hateful Bloomberg article attacking Mormons

Bloomberg Businessweek joined the ranks of Newsweek and Time with horribly bigoted covers. The hate-filled article suggests Mormons are money grubbers.

Hate site carried part of the bigoted article. This isn't the first time WND attacked Mormons with horrible bigotry:


Grrrrrrrrrrrr said...

Shame on the arrogant Bloomberg-what he/they are trying to do? God help us..

Anonymous said...

I'm a member of the LDS church and the article was dead right. The church took 2 billion dollars of tithe offerings and built a shopping mall. Explain to me how that is righteous! The LDS church is nothing but a money grubbing corporation and the members who refuse to acknowledge this are willfully ignorant. The church operates the 'strengthening members commitee' which is akin to the KGB of LDS. I'm pretty sure the 'moderators' will not allow this posting, so I'll put it on a dozen or so other pages ;)