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Associated Press Whines After Mitt Romney Turns Down Anti-Mormon NBC Interview

Mitt Romney for the second time turned down a request by NBC to be interviewed for an anti-Mormon documentary that the bigoted propaganda channel will air on the eve of the RNC.

Oh, but he "began to seem more open to talking about" Mormonism, frets Associated Press. He reverts back to a flat refusal when it comes to "talking about his faith."

Actually the reason is because the show is religiously bigoted and dedicated to bashing his religion. AP even admits: "Kate Snow profiles a gay person, a feminist and an interracial couple on their experiences within the church, and NBC finds a Mormon cast member of the Broadway show “The Book of Mormon.”"

Think it is going to be a fair portrayal? No way. NBC has a bunch of bigoted leftists lined up to spread lies and hate for Romney's religion.

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