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Comparing Obama's Tactics With Satan's Temptations of Jesus

1. Turn Stones to Bread to Eat (Matt 4:3):

As Jesus fasted 40 days, the devil told him to use his divine powers to ease his hunger. Jesus compared his fast to Israel's escape from bondage. "It is written: 'One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'" The Israelites could have either sought freedom and chance starvation, or returned back to Egypt and be slaves again. It is better to endure hardships if it frees you from being subjugated to someone.

Obama wants to give free handouts for all hardships. But that means subjugating yourself, becoming dependent. Obama recently slammed Romney for his upbringing, saying that rich people don't understand that college kids need more tuition loans, more personal debt. The devil said Jesus would ease his hunger if he is the true Son of God. Obama likewise tells us we will look to government for solutions if we are true Americans.

2. Jump To Prove Your Divinity (Matt 4:6)

As Jesus stood on the roof of the temple, the devil told him to jump to the ground so that angels would catch him and everyone would know his divinity. He quoted scripture to prove to Jesus that a divine person would do this, he would be a hypocrite not to do it. How often do liberals quote conservatives to try to reveal some double-standard? How often do liberals claim conservative politicians break the rules of conservatives, such as a GOP congressmen skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee, and tell us that conservatives should be outraged? Conservatives must stick by every scripture, as liberals portray the scripture, and then get ridiculed for sticking so closely by scripture.

Jesus answered, do not test God. Your integrity isn't shown by grand displays of miracles, as Obama has learned from his failure to uphold his miraculous campaign promises.

3. Sell Out (Matt 4:9)

Then the devil went all out and said he would give Jesus all the money and splendor and power in the world if he would worship him. How much splendor has Obama promised us? Grand infrastructure projects, millions of green jobs, pay down the debt, free healthcare, no wars, civilian volunteer corps, workers rights, racial equality, less spending, less perk for big corrupt businesses, less CIA corruption, less terrorism, less outsourcing, etc. We were smiling free, change all around. But instead of fulfilling those promises, Obama has made each problem worse. Worse infrastructure, massive green job corruption, skyrocketing debt, healthcare debacles, more wars, weakened military, more unemployment, more racial divide, more spending, more big business corruption, weapons sold to drug gangs, more terrorism, more outsourcing. Obama now gets away with daily law breaking, incredible power grabs, and we can't do anything about it. The media covers it up, and we have sold ourselves to a dictator.

Jesus was especially disturbed by this temptation and commanded Satan to immediately leave. This is the most dangerous temptation of all, because once you give into a dictator it is extremely difficult to get away. Jesus said "serve God only." Are our political motivations to serve God only? Liberals are godless, and their motivations are to serve what? Some thumbillina environmentalist theory, or to save the animals, or poor persecuted gay people who aren't really persecuted, or to oppose the rich and successful...

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