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Daily Mail Falsely Calls Sexual Attacker 'Mormon Leader' "Efrey Antonio Guzman, 46, is accused of using his status as a family friend to stalk a 13-year-old girl in a Salt Lake City suburb. In May he allegedly went to the girl's home and grabbed her tightly, kissed her and fondled her buttocks, police say.

He left when the girl's older brother walked into the room.

Guzman leads a Spanish-speaking ward of the Mormon church in the nearby town of Midvale and the family never called police or pressed charges after the may incident, The Salt Lake Tribune reports."

No, that is not what the Salt Lake Tribune reports. They report that he is a branch president, not a ward president. Kinda hard to miss, they put it in the headline!

There is a huge difference. A branch is a congregation with only a handful of people. The branch president is a much smaller leadership role than ward leader.

Branch president is low on the totem pole, in a church where every single member has some sort of role. Also, Sandy is not a Salt Lake City suburb. It is its own city.

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Stefanie Eskander said...

Actually, there is no official title 'Ward Leader'. The correct term is 'Bishop'. The leader of a smaller congregation (Branch), is called a 'Branch President'. While not technically as high in the hierarchy as a Bishop, a Branch President is still the highest leader in the branch. It's an important position and quibbling about the Priesthood leadership ranking seems counterproductive.
My definition of a suburb is a community on the outskirts of a large city. In that case, I would call Sandy a suburb. If you prefer, you could call it a bedroom community. Same difference.