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ABC Attacks Mormon Church For Urging People To Vote

ABC News is angry that the Mormon church urges people to vote. Without a shred of evidence, ABC insinuates that the church wants people to vote for Mitt Romney.

ABC News- "In a provocative move within a religious organization that has sought to display strict political neutrality, an official of the Mormon church has disseminated a presentation across the key swing state of Nevada that urges members to vote and speak "with one voice" in the coming Presidential election that pits Mormon Mitt Romney against President Barack Obama.

"Any Mormon would understand exactly what's being said there," said Randall Balmer, a Dartmouth religion professor who has studied the church's handling of Romney's presidential bids. "This is very thinly coded language.""

ABC presents Randall Balmer, a Mormon basher, has said: "You look at Mormonism. You look at issues like the Book of Abraham, the Spalding Manuscript, and so forth, and you say, “How in the world did they pull this off?"

ABC stole a powerpoint presentation which was only available to stake presidents. How did Jon Ralston attain the presentation? Should the church report the theft and sue ABC for copyright infringement?

ABC claims that the phrase "speak with one voice" means they want everyone to vote for only on person, Romney, even though nothing in the presentation says that. In fact the presentation makes it abundantly clear that the church holds political neutrality and it is up to the individual to vote for whom they most agree with. "Speak with one voice" is only mentioned in the presentation along with religious beliefs and never political beliefs.

Mormon scripture instructs people to cry with one voice to God for liberty and freedom. It clearly refers to a mass of people praying to God invidually. ABC doesn't report this.

ABC presents a bigoted anti-Mormon, Ed Firmage, as an "expert on the separation of church and state." Anti-Mormon Firmage says the presentation is meant to help Romney, of course, but ABC doesn't talk about Firmage's history attacking the church.

ABC falsely insinuates that Nevada is receiving special attention from the church. But the truth is that the LDS church encourages every follower everywhere to vote, and always in an impartial way.

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