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Iran Blames 'Mormon Spies' For Anti-American Riots

Iran's state media claimed a Mormon mafia in the CIA planted an anti-Islam video to instigate anti-American protests.

Actually, the maker of the anti-Islam video also bashed Mormons. Steve Klein runs a website that calls Mormonism a "cult" and compares it to Islam.

The US government was warned of plots to storm the embassies in the days before the attacks. Libya's president calls it 'preposterous' to blame the attacks on a web video. The web video was just a lame excuse, he says. But that hasn't stopped President Obama from conducting a witch hunt against free speech.

Iran's state media itself confused which video caused the attacks. Despite their gaffe, Iran weaves ridiculous conspiracy theories about Mormons:

“I would identify two or perhaps three components, the first is a Mormon mafia inside the CIA, the group of Mormon high officials of the CIA who want Romney to become president and they think that by having the kinds of events that we are seeing, they can make Obama look bad in front of the American public,” Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley told Press TV during an interview on Saturday.

Iran previously spread anti-Mormonism, more despicable than anything this anti-Islam video showed. Do you see Mormons rioting and then blaming a Muslim conspiracy?

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