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Video: Reporters Conspire To Trap Romney With Libya Question

Can anyone seriously believe what the media is doing?? How did the media machine twist an Obama foreign policy failure into a Mitt Romney gaffe?

Reporters were caught on a hot mic conspiring to lob attack questions at Romney. They wanted to trap Romney on his opinion of the Libya/Egypt riots. If Romney stays silent, he looks like a neoconservative softy. If he attacks, Obama he looks like he is exploiting a tragedy for politics.

"No matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question."

Washington Examiner- "When Romney gave a press conference Wednesday, the questions focused on whether it was appropriate for him to criticize Obama at the time he did. Romney's responses didn't really matter, because reporters had already decided their narrative. Obama did not take any questions in his own press conference moments later.

In 2004, John Kerry routinely attacked President Bush's handling of Iraq when things weren't going well in the country. And the media dutifully reported on Bush's foreign policy blunders in Iraq. But now, instead of scrutinizing Obama's handling of a foreign policy crisis, the media has decided that the real story in Egypt and Libya is a Mitt Romney gaffe."

Instead of examining Obama's relationship to the terrorists, the media machine attacks the only guy who is asking questions. Instead of telling Obama, "No we don't apologize for our freedom of speech," the media machine is crushing all criticism of our leaders. This is 1984.

Obama and the media machine are digging us closer and closer to calamity.

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johninlongmont said...

it used to be the media would uncover politicians we have Conservatives politicians having to uncover the lying liberal media