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Associated Press Downplays 'Upswing' Of Romney Campaign

Using charged words, Associated Press tries to convince its readers that Romney's campaign is not actually on the rise. Associated Press often reports that someone 'paints' a portrayal or 'works to' portray a certain image. In the latest headline they combine both these tactics to cast doubt on the "upswing".

Romney works to paint bid as candidacy on the rise

AP implies that the upswing is not real; merely an increase in campaign spending.

AP- "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday rallied thousands of supporters at the majestic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, casting his bid as a candidacy on the upswing and saying Democratic President Barack Obama's bid is waning....

Romney is working to project optimism, though polls show a close race in the final two weeks of the campaign....

It was one of Romney's largest events to date. He's typically held campaign rallies at local small businesses, in town squares or even, in one instance, in a back parking lot of a wheelchair company. That was largely aimed at holding down costs.

With the election just two weeks away, though, the events are getting bigger — and more expensive....

The Red Rocks event came after a rally in Henderson, Nev., at another open-air amphitheater. Romney had the same message there, calling Obama the "status quo" president....

He accused Obama of running a small campaign.

The pair of events were the beginning of an aggressive multistate swing that represents a significant uptick in the pace of campaigning....

The schedule shows an intense effort to shore up Romney's support even in places where Obama seems to have advantages — Iowa and Nevada, for example — states that could make a difference in a close Electoral College contest.

In describing the ampitheater, AP can't resist pointing out that government created it. "You didn't build that!"

"The amphitheater, though, is partly man made. Workers with the Works Progress Administration and other government agencies spent years building it into a public venue as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal."

Roads and bridge. Roads and bridges.

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