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Associated Press Falsely Claims Mitt Romney Campaigned During Storm

Associated Press slammed Mitt Romney for campaigning during the storm Sandy. Truth is, Mitt Romney took a few days off from campaigning out of respect for the victims of Sandy, and Obama will return to campaigning very soon after Romney.

But AP doesn't mention that. Only that Obama took three days off:

AP- "President Barack Obama, locked in a fierce re-election bid, is emphasizing his incumbent's role for a third straight day, skipping battleground states to visit victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, a state he's confident of winning. The president's actions have forced his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, to walk a careful line and make tough choices."

AP insinuates that Obama isn't doing this for campaign reasons because he would probably win New Jersey anyway. Are you kidding me? Why is Obama sneaking his campaign slogan into FEMA briefings?

"The former Massachusetts governor must show respect for the superstorm's casualties all along the Eastern Seaboard. But Romney can ill afford to waste a minute of campaign time, with the contest virtually deadlocked in several key states and the election six days away."

AP is painting Romney's motivations here. Is this news? It is also a lie. Romney did in fact waste a minute of campaign time. He took several days off.

"After tamping down his partisan tone Tuesday at an Ohio event that chiefly emphasized victims' relief, Romney planned three full-blown campaign events Wednesday in Florida, the largest competitive state. Sandy largely spared Florida, so Romney calculates he can campaign there without appearing callous."

Wow. Okay, Tuesday's event didn't chiefly emphaize victim relief. That's what the entire thing was about! And again, AP is painting Romney's motivations for going to Florida. Romney actually has a healthy lead in Florida so he doesn't really need to go there.

"Obama's revised schedule is a political gamble, too. Rather than use the campaign's final Wednesday to woo voters in tossup states, he will go before cameras with New Jersey's Republican governor, Chris Christie. Christie is one of Romney's most prominent supporters, and a frequent Obama critic. But Christie praised Obama's handling of superstorm Sandy, a political twist the president's visit is sure to underscore."

By "underscore a political twist" does AP mean... campaigning? If they did, then that would be correct. Obama returns to the campaign trail Thursday, just one day after Romney. AP covers that fact up.

So when AP says Obama won't be "wooing voters" that is a cold-faced lie. That is exactly what he will be doing with Christie. Everyone admits it is a campaign event.

Later in the article, AP admits Obama didn't actually stop campaigning during the storm: "It sent former President Bill Clinton to Minnesota on Tuesday and it is buying airtime in all three states."

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