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Associated Press Mourns Drug-Tied Model, Ignores Murder of Hero Mayor / AP is mourning 20-year old "Miss Bala", who was found dead among a gang of "alleged" drug dealers that initiated a shoot-out with police. A weapon lay by her side. Associated Press mourns her and other such tragic victims of the government's war on drugs: "In the best of cases, a beautiful woman with a tear-stained face is marched before the press in handcuffs. In the worst of cases, they simply disappear." Yes, AP blames the police.

AP also blames Mexico, reporting that she lived in a "country that doesn't offer many opportunities for young people."

Meanwhile, a female mayor (beautiful in her own right) was kidnapped in front of her kids and beaten to death by the drug criminals. She had survived two previous assassination attempts and was the last of five female mayors who had the guts to stand up to drug gangs. She was a true hero of Mexico.

But you won't see that story covered by the Associated Press. The only mention I could find by the AP was in an obscure LA paper, which provides little background information or details.

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