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Associated Press Opposes Blacks In Dutch Christmas Tradition

In Denmark there is apparently a Christmas tradition where people dress up as an African "servant" who helps Santa Claus deliver presents. The character is named 'Zwarte Piet' and the tradition started in 1891, though the original story goes back much further.

As part of the annual War On Christmas, AP picks this traditional for political correctness, calling the tradition "racist". They headline 'Criticism of Dutch "Black Pete" tradition grows'...

Except only 100 people actually oppose the tradition, in a country of millions of people. Boy! That's some opposition all right!

AP- "Foreigners visiting the Netherlands in winter are often surprised to see... a racist caricature of a black person.

...But a growing number are questioning whether "Zwarte Piet" should be given a makeover or banished from the holiday scene, seeing him as a blight on the nation's image as a bulwark of tolerance.

...She said that historically her office received only one or two complaints per year, but the number jumped to more than 100 last year, and will escalate much further this year.

...Two major chains of stores, Blokker and V&D, now use images of kids with ash-smudged cheeks in their sales catalogues, rather than Petes with black faces... The county's most widely read news blog, "GeenStijl" launched a blistering campaign against Black Pete— surprising because GeenStijl prides itself on being tasteless and politically incorrect, and had mocked Gario after the 2011 incident.

"Zwarte Piet is nothing more than a repulsive parody of a slave, fine-tuned to indoctrinate schoolchildren into the finer points of racism," it wrote in its first posting in a series. "The sooner we get rid of Zwarte Piet, the sooner we won't look like idiots to the rest of the world."

Black characters are not allowed to be in the Christmas story? Why are leftists in the media trying to force a foreign country to exclude Blacks from their Christmas traditions?

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