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Did China's Secret Order To Remove Religion From Schools Influence Violence?

ChinaAid leaked a secret order from China's top leadership to remove Christianity from schools.

Leftists recently doubled down on their crusade to remove God from schools in America. The similarities between this leftist crusade and the leaked document from the Chinese Communist Leadership is very interesting, especially considering China has been dealing with horrific school attacks for years. There have been frequent school attacks since China's push to remove religion from schools, despite their strict gun policy.

China's secret order interprets separation of church and state as a total removal of Christianity from schools. It seeks a pre-emptive instruction of science and reason to replace religious notions, along with Marxist propaganda. It says each school should have psychological counseling and direct students' mental health.

News media, grassroots political groups, and hiring practices are other specific vehicles for the removal of Christianity from schools. Carefully compare the order to the Leftist crusade here in America:

"Since the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee headed by Comrade Hu Jintao as the Party General Secretary from the strategic height of consolidating Party rule and ensuring the state's lasting political stability has regarded as an important task the ideological and political education of university students to resist foreign use of religion to infiltrate institutes of higher education and prevent campus evangelism... and have adhered to the principle of separation of education and religion...

At present, the ideals and convictions of university students is firm, and the main trend of the ideological and political landscape is positive, healthy and progressive....

Doing a good job of resisting foreign use of religion to infiltrate institutes of higher education and preventing campus evangelism requires unwavering adherence to the principle of separation of education and religion. The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, the Education Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Regulations on Religious Affairs and other laws, regulations and rules clearly stipulate that China observes separation of education and religion and no one may use religion to engage in activities that interfere with the state’s educational system. No organizations or individuals may engage in religious activities in schools...

Foreign forces regard institutes of higher education as key targets for using religion, Christianity in particular, for infiltration. ....

Adhere to using the system of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm students' minds, extensively launch activities for the study and teaching and the publicizing and popularization of core socialist values, strengthen propaganda for and education in Marxist views on religion...

Extensively expand mental health education and psychological counseling, and raise the quality of students' mental health in practical ways... Education and guidance must be carefully designed and meticulously organized so as to convince people with reason, move people with feeling, prevent oversimplification and prevent people from hyping religion....

Purify the social environment related to religious factors... Relevant departments need to study and formulate laws and regulations for online religious information and online religious activities, clean up websites that violate regulations and clean up online information that is harmful and contains online evangelism. Departments in charge of cultural affairs, customs, news and publication, and tourism should investigate and deal with cultural products used for religious infiltration...

The news media should correctly guide public opinion and strengthen positive propaganda on issues related to religious factors and prevent hype and sensationalism.

When hiring, meticulously check the person's political relationships, business relationships and moral and ethical relationships, so as to prevent [their] using the classroom lectern to disseminate religion...

Bring into full play the strong fighting force of grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard role model of party members, and bring into full play the superiority of Youth League organizations in organizing, guiding and serving students."

See entire document (

The Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, the Columbine Shooting in Colorado, and most other shootings have one thing in common: they occurred in Leftist areas. But there is another similarity: frustrated young men. Studies and statistics show a horrible trend among young men. Frequent mental illness, poor grades in school, video game addictions. The prevalence of these issues come with the explosion of shootings in recent years, along with the removal of God.

Notable school attacks by decade:
to 2012:27

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