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Yahoo Photoshops Orange-Faced Mitt Romney In Phony 'Lie Of Year' Claim

Yahoo quickly published no less than two articles regurgitating a phony claim by Politifact about Mitt Romney. They condemn Romney's accusation as "lie of the year" that Obama "sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China".

The lead photo at was a photoshopped image of Mitt Romney with a goofy orange face.

Still obsessed with the 2012 presidential race, Yahoo gloats that "of course, in a victory for the truth, the ad backfired on Romney." But Yahoo itself admits that "the company was reviewing adding production in China." As Forbes points out, that's all Romney was saying.

Forbes- "Romney did not claim that Chrysler was “outsourcing” existing Jeep jobs to China but only that Chrysler is going to “build Jeeps in China.” And that is true."

And then there's Obama claims that Mitt Romney killed a woman with cancer and committed tax fraud, but the radical Marxists at Politifact don't know about those.

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