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Chicago Tribune's readers are fed up with 'Book of Mormon' musical promotions

Readers of the Chicago Tribune newspaper are complaining in letters to the editor about ethics violations:

"Selling your front page Monday to advertise 'The Book of Mormon' is a despicable act for free press and should be a violation in the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists (SDX). If this is an example of what the new ownership forces you to do to make money, then this is a sad day for Chicago journalism."

According to the Tribune, they didn't advertise the raunchy musical on their front page but on a large advert that wrapped around the entire front and back of the paper.

But it doesn't stop there. The Tribune has 570 articles that mention the musical. Boy, that's some lopsided coverage!

Another newspaper owned by the Tribune Company is even worse. LA Times, also known for their unethical wrap-around advertisements over the front page, has 1,330 articles that mention the musical 'Book of Mormon.

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