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Associated Press Says Dorner's 'Mistake' Was Tying Up Hostages Instead Of...

This is just sick

AP- "He styled himself as a Rambo-like guerrilla, someone trained to outwit and outshoot the police at every turn, and while Christopher Dorner left no doubt he could be unforgivingly violent, when it came to keeping ahead of the law during his deadly rampage, he made one gaffe after another.

The last one — letting one of two people he tied up get loose and call police as he made off in their purple car — tipped authorities he was coming."

AP doesn't flatly say that Dorner should have killed them instead, but they hint at it. His "gaffe" was not being "unforgivingly violent" enough? AP reports that Dorner was successful earlier because he killed a couple:

AP- "The manhunt, one of the largest in recent memory, began last week after Dorner was linked to the killings of a former Los Angeles police captain's daughter and her fiance.

Soon after the couple was found shot death near their Orange County condo, authorities linked their killings to a long, rambling rant they say Dorner posted on Facebook vowing to get revenge on the Los Angeles police and their families for ruining his reputation by firing him."

Does any sane-minded person think that Chris Dorner's 'mistake' was leaving innocent bystanders bound up instead of murdered? AP/ has really gone over the edge.

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