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Bias Against Margaret Thatcher: 'While In Power'

The simmering hatred for Margaret Thatcher in the media is not easy to miss. But to fully appreciate how hard the media is working to instill hatred in their viewers, consider closely the language in their articles.

The Guardian's recent article about Obama's "low-key" appreciation for Thatcher is an example. The writer seems almost grateful that Obama is "opting" not to attend her funeral, saying there are already many "trappings" of a state funeral.

Something that caught my eye was the article's mention: "while Thatcher was in power." While Thatcher was in power? When is the last time you heard this phrase concerning a prime minister? This is something you would expect to read in a discussion about a dictator or queen.

But this phrase pervades the media. A google search finds over 100,000 such articles. Radical Left-wing media who use this subtle phrase include:

The Guardian
Daily Mail
The Telegraph
BBC News
The Mirror
Huffington Post
Vice Magazine

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