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'Christian' Sect Raided In Germany On Child Abuse, Associated Press Falsely Reports

The Associated Press incorrectly reported that police in Germany "raided a Christian sect in southern Germany, taking 40 children into foster care on suspicion they were physically abused." AP provides no explanation in the article of what the Twelve Tribes communities is or what they believe.

This sect does not consider themselves Christian. "They do not identify as Christians, believing that Christianity is the whore of Babylon and the antichrist." As they explain on their website, the Twelve Tribes believes that Christianity is an "altogether different religion from the one that the Savior died to establish."

Like many Leftists, they blame Christians for much of the worlds problems: "The history of the Christian Church is awash in the blood of those they considered heretical or reprobate. You should look at it some time. It is horrifying.... Who is the god of Christianity? The answer can be found in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15."

In the media's effort to smear Christians as child abusers, this false label in this story was repeated by:

NPR, BBC, Deutsche Welle, The Blaze, The Guardian, CCTV, Global Post

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