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Ex-Mormon Professor Smears BYU In Hateful 'Christian News'

Lynn Wilder left her professorship at Brigham Young University and the LDS church, with apparently no outside pressure. Today she is viciously attacking the LDS Church through the Daily Beast, Christian Post, and Christian News.

She says she is the victim:

“We were paranoid, worried that if someone from Brigham Young University saw me at a non-denominational Christian church, I would lose my ecclesiastical clearance and my job as a professor,” Wilder wrote. “Only at BYU would someone lose their academic position for finding salvation outside the Mormon church.”

During this same time, Wilder’s son Micah became a born-again Christian. He announced to his fellow Mormon missionaries that he did not believe that men are saved by the works that Mormons require, and was sent home as “unworthy” to be a missionary." ...

“Despite the rejection I faced from 30 years of friends, despite the fact that I lost status, position, money, might lose children and our home, I walked away and never feared again.”(

The Mormon church does not believe that people are saved by works but by grace. So that is a lie. And it is also a lie that BYU does not accept faculty who attend other churches. There are plenty of faculty and students who attend other churches. The school policy is very clear. There is no requirement to attend the Mormon church only.

"The Brigham Young professor then set out to buy herself a cross necklace to show her love for Christ, but there was one problem—crosses were taboo at the university.

“Mormons don’t revere the cross. They see it as an instrument of death, not the place where Christ became the savior,” she stated. “[I]f I was caught, I would be called in by my superiors and lose the ecclesiastical clearance I needed to work there.” (

Complete lie. Mormons do revere the cross. They don't typically wear it as a necklace but there is no rule against it that I know of and a BYU faculty certainly should not be upbraided for doing so. The school policy is very clear.

So why is Lynn Wilder complaining about a school and church that apparently did nothing to her? Why all these perceived wrongs? Lynn says she was tired of "working to be good."

“...I met a Jesus who was able to save me from my life of working to be ‘good.’” (

Now consider Lynn Wilder's admission that she was an an adulterer and drug addict:

“I was stupid, a liar, an adulterer, a drug addict, and had committed gross sins,” (

You think that's a little more serious than wearing a cross on a necklace? Why doesn't Lynn talk more about these serious personal issues? Could her inability to deal with them be the real reason for her conversion and current attacks?

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