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Salt Lake Tribune Article Goes After Advertisers For Refusing Anti-Mormon Billboards in Utah

A SLT article targeted billboard companies for refusing an atheist group's campaign, blaming the Mormon church and comparing them to "the Mafia in Italy."

American Atheists is known for their hateful billboards that called Christmas a 'myth', which showed an image of Jesus and a caption: "Dump the myth." Their adverts have also called Jesus "sadistic" and a "useless savior." In their previous bigoted campaigns against the LDS church, the group shows Mormons in their 'holy underwear' and falsely claims they believe in space aliens.

The group goes after Reagan Outdoor Advertising and YESCO for declining their billboards, in the Salt Lake Tribune article.

"The American Atheists says it had a tough time buying billboards for its Salt Lake City convention, and that goes to show what’s wrong with the Beehive State.

"What this really communicates to us is the stranglehold that the Mormon church has on the community in Utah," said Dave Muscato, American Atheists public relations director. "It reminds me of the Mafia in Italy. They don’t even have to make threats. People just know that they’re supposed to be afraid."...

"The reason that we’re coming to Salt Lake City in the first place is that so many atheists feel oppressed by the preponderance of the Mormon church," said AA President Dave Silverman, who acknowledges they’ve experienced backlash elsewhere but added it’s never been unanimous. "The church controls much more of public life than it has the right to do. This [rejection] seems to support that." -

The Tribune is only really outraged because political Leftists might not like a state the doesn't bash Christians. "Vella, who plans to attend the conference with his wife but is not a member of any Utah atheist organizations, said he’s frustrated that controversies like this give Utah a black eye among out-of-state liberals."

But not to fret! The Tribune happily notes that CBS will carry the groups hateful advertising.

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