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China's Moon Landing Video Is Obviously Fake

China's state media Xinhua released what it claims is "a photo" of their Chang'e-3 lunar spacecraft "on the screen of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center in Beijing."

The video from which the obviously computer-generated photo was taken (see below) looks like it was made on a computer from the 1990s. The camera descends alongside the spacecraft until it lands in a flurry of dust that immediately disappears.

The black and white video to the right of this is supposedly taken from on board the spacecraft itself. This video is even worse. At 1:13 this video appears to skip time. The spacecraft suddenly gets closer to the moon, then closer, until it is suddenly on the moon surface (2:19). It doesn't zoom in. There isn't even a descent! It just suddenly switches appearance.

It gets closer very quickly, then slowly, then quickly again. So we know these aren't photos taken at a certain increment of time.

Also see... China faked their spacewalk video:

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