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Bible Gateway Calls Mormon City Least "Bible-Minded"

A Pew study found Mormons have the best knowledge of the bible. Looks like this irks mainstream establishment Christianity.

The American Bible Association came out with a study of their own which finds Salt Lake City at 87th among a list of 100 cities in America for its "bible-mindedness". Take that Mormons! Their study used as a measuring stick: "Bible reading and agreement that the Bible is accurate." Since Utah has some of the highest rates of bible reading in the country one can only assume the American Bible Association doesn't like the Mormon belief that the bible is sometimes translated incorrectly and had precious parts taken out.

But Bible Gateway took it a step further in their ridiculous "study." They found Salt Lake City to be dead last in their list of "Bible-Minded" USA Cities. And they claimed to be more un-biased: "our data shows overall usage regardless of how the reader feels about the Bible’s accuracy."

What a joke!

Naturally Time Magazine and the Leftist media is trumpeting the Mormon-bashing.

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